Stable Diffusion 3 is out. This is what we discovered.
SD 1.5, SDXL, SD3 large (8B)
See how the three major releases of Stable Diffusion handle variety of prompts
The best way to understand what a Gen AI model can do is to, well... generate many many images. This is what we did with SD 1.5, SDXL, SD3 large (8B). We added all the generated images into one folder and with our platform evaluation tools, you can examine the results in few ways:
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Stable Diffusion 1.5
Stable Diffusion 3 Large
Stable Diffusion XL
A bare kitchen has wood cabinets and white appliances
A bird gives an apple to a squirrel
A bowl of Chicken Pho
A bowl of Pho
A dignified beaver wearing glasses, a vest, and colorful neck tie. He stands next to a tall stack of books in a library.
A giant cobra snake made from corn
A glass of red wine tipped over on a couch, with a stain that writes "OOPS" on the couch.
A green heart
A green sign that says "Very Deep Learning" and is at the edge of the Grand Canyon.
A group of farm animals (cows, sheep, and pigs) made out of cheese and ham, on a wooden board. There is a dog in the background eyeing the board hungrily.
A horse sitting on an astronaut's shoulders.
A large city fountain that has milk instead of water. Several cats are leaning into the fountain.
A living area with a television and a table
A photo of a Persian Metal Engraving vase sitting to the left of a bunch of orange flowers.
A photo of a dragonfly made of water.
A photo of a hamburger fighting a hot dog in a boxing ring. The hot dog is tired and up against the ropes.
A photo of a lotus flower made of water.
A photograph of the inside of a subway train. There are frogs sitting on the seats. One of them is reading a newspaper. The window shows the river in the background.
A punk rock squirrel in a studded leather jacket shouting into a microphone while standing on a stump
A robot painted as graffiti on a brick wall. The words "Fly an airplane" are written on the wall. A sidewalk is in front of the wall, and grass is growing out of cracks in the concrete.
A robot with a black visor and the number 42 on its chest. It stands proudly in front of an F1 race car. The sun is setting on a cityscape in the background. wide-angle view. comic book illustration.
A rusty spaceship blasts off in the foreground. A city with tall skyscrapers is in the distance, with a mountain and ocean in the background. A dark moon is in the sky. realistic high-contrast anime illustration.
A set of 2x2 emoji icons with happy, angry, surprised and sobbing faces. The emoji icons look like dogs. All of the dogs are wearing blue turtlenecks.
A shiny VW van parked on grass.
A shiny robot wearing a race car suit and black visor stands proudly in front of an F1 race car. The sun is setting on a cityscape in the background. comic book illustration.
A sign that says Deep Learning
A smiling sloth is wearing a leather jacket, a cowboy hat, a kilt and a bowtie. The sloth is holding a quarterstaff and a big book. The sloth is standing on grass a few feet in front of a shiny VW van with flowers painted on it. wide-angle lens from below.
A solitary figure shrouded in mists peers up from the cobble stone street at the imposing and dark gothic buildings surrounding it. an old-fashioned lamp shines nearby. oil painting.
A sunken ship becomes the homeland of fish.
A table full of food. There is a plate of chicken rice, a bowl of bak chor mee, and a bowl of laksa.
A teddy bear wearing a motorcycle helmet and cape is standing in front of Loch Awe with Kilchurn Castle behind him
A television made of water that displays an image of a cityscape at night.
A tornado made of sharks crashing into a skyscraper. painting in the style of Hokusai.
A van parked on grass
A wall in a royal castle. There are two paintings on the wall. The one on the left a detailed oil painting of the royal raccoon king. The one on the right a detailed oil painting of the royal raccoon queen. A cute dog looking at the two paintings, holding a sign saying 'plz conserve'
An aerial view of Ha Long Bay without any boats
Four dragons surrounding a dinosaur
Greek statue of a man comforting a cat. The cat has a big head. The man looks angry.
Horses pulling a carriage on the moon's surface, with the Statue of Liberty and Great Pyramid in the background. The Planet Earth can be seen in the sky.
Oil painting generated by artificial intelligence
Portrait of a tiger wearing a train conductor's hat and holding a skateboard that has a yin-yang symbol on it. charcoal sketch
Salvador Dalí
Saturn rises on the horizon.
Siberian husky playing the piano.
The 1970s logo for a london-area football club called "The Rumbury Wanderers"
The Starry Night
The collision of two black holes in the center of a galaxy.
The raft floated down the river sank.
Three-quarters front view of a blue 1977 Corvette coming around a curve in a mountain road and looking over a green valley on a cloudy day.
Times Square with thousands of dogs running around
Two cups of coffee, one with latte art of a lovely princess. The other has latte art of a frog.
U.S. 101
Zoomed out view of a giraffe and a zebra in the middle of a field covered with colorful flowers
a baby daikon radish
a baby daikon radish in a tutu
a baby daikon radish in a tutu walking a dog
a boat with 'BLUE GROOVE' written on its hull
a bookshelf without any books on it
a bunch of laptops piled on a sofa
a close up of a handpalm with leaves growing from it
a close-up of a bloody mary cocktail
a concert without any fans
a cross-section view of a walnut
a dump truck filled with soccer balls scuba diving in a coral reef.
a fall landscape