Stable Diffusion 3 is out. This is what we discovered.

Perfect the images you create
with Stable Diffusion

Experiment with hundreds of prompts and evaluate thousands of images to discover optimal settings for aesthetic visuals through scalable testing.


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Experimentation shouldn't be hard

Magicflow let's you experiment with your models and pipelines at scale and as a team so you can easily evaluate them
Generate images in bulk
  • Bulk forms GUI for any model
  • Inference datasets
  • ComfyUI, A1111, Replicate & more integrations
  • Custom python code support
  • Analyze thousands of images
  • XYZ grids and other advanced visualizations
  • Advanced rating system
  • Showcases
Work as a team
  • Rate and discuss images
  • Share any image & view internally and externally
  • Anyone can create
  • Anyone can rate
Streamline your work
  • Organize your projects and experiments
  • Images are saved with metadata forever
  • Automated Q/A & CI processes
  • Outsource ratings and labeling

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Accelerate your evaluation

A workspace built for professionals and teams who generate images daily